Discover #OperaLabToGo, our 100% online OperaLab 20-21 programme!

#OperaLabToGo: online, affordable, safe

At OperaLab, we are not taking any risks with your health. Now that India has made it to second most Covid-infected country worldwide, we want to protect you and ourselves. It is likely that our lives will remain disrupted for the next six months or more: travel restrictions, reduced income, physical distancing…

Rather than patching up obsolete teaching methods, we are taking a step forward:

Our #OperaLabToGo 20-21 programme is specifically designed for online teaching

Here’s why:

  1. At OperaLab India, we believe that you should not have to jeopardize your health (and finances) by joining a costly institution in Chennai… (700,000 Rs for a foundation programme, currently being undertaken… online?)
  2. At OperaLab India, we believe that you should not endanger your voice by studying with alumni who have never been trained to teach… (35,000 Rs for an 18-hour online course?)

Our #OperaLabToGo 2020-21 programme is online, affordable, safe, by thoroughly-trained teachers

Gilles Denizot teaches individual voice lessons, workshops, Masterclasses and an Opera History course. All online!

Junior Teachers, thoroughly trained by Gilles Denizot, contribute in sharing the knowledge and are constantly supervised to ensure the highest quality for our students. Teaching is available in several languages and offers targeted, healthy and effective solutions. Book your online lessons with Aishwarya now!

Forget overpriced courses by untrained, inexperienced teachers!
Treat yourself to our safe, result-oriented method:
#OperaLabToGo, by Gilles Denizot!