You may have noticed that OperaLab by Gilles Denizot is nowhere to be found on facebook. Why? We tell you here.

For 2 weeks & for the 2nd time, facebook blocked our page. We therefore have stopped using facebook, instagram & whatsapp.

When blocked by facebook in February 2019, the Bayerische Staatsoper communicated:

“We don’t know, Facebook gave us very little information about the deletion.”

TANNHÄUSER: Free the nipples Edition

Such a blatant case of censorship recently happened to the Dallas Opera:

“As Dallas Opera learned, when algorithms decide, we all lose. Too often, social media companies let in bad actors and keep out genuine people. The opera’s Hart Institute for Women Conductors is a groundbreaking program helping to overcome gender inequality among the world’s leading classical conductors. When the opera’s director of artistic administration David Lomeli posted a photo calling for applicants, Facebook removed the post and informed Lomeli that the opera can’t gear its communication only to female applicants. Algorithms and artificial intelligence are great for recommending a new show on Netflix, or for predicting the risk of an insurance policy. But they’re lousy for making judgments that require any level of wisdom or discernment. Too often, social media companies are filling the role of content curator and doing it badly, allowing propaganda from bad actors and disallowing posts from genuine people who want to uphold our values. We don’t need better algorithms; we need deeper wisdom. We’re not getting that from Facebook.”

As Dallas Opera learned, when algorithms decide, we all lose

They took your data. Then they took control.”

You may have watched The Great Hack, a 2019 documentary film about the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal. The Great Hack uncovers the dark world of data exploitation through the compelling personal journeys of players on different sides of the explosive Cambridge Analytica/Facebook data scandal.

Having to relinquish our data is one thing. Being censored is another.

There are other options out there, and we refuse to submit to facebook’s despotic rules. We have therefore stopped using facebook, instagram & whatsapp. If you were following us, you’ll notice that we’re gone from those three platforms.

Where can you find OperaLab then? Everywhere else!

(We even have two LinkedIn groups and FREE articles for you to read on Issuu.)


And because there are better options than whatsapp, we invite you to join our OperaLab channel on Telegram


Change is good, it keeps things flowing, just like breath flows when we sing…

A big change is coming soon, we’ll announce it on our social accounts. Stay tuned!