OperaLab India

OLI-full-750In 2015, Gilles Denizot launches OperaLab India, a new venture with studios in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai & Pune. In 2016, India denies Gilles Denizot the renewal of his work visa and blacklists him, after 5 years of service to AR Rahman & KM Music Conservatory.

Founded in 2000 by Gilles Denizot, OperaLab has been instrumental in developing a new generation of vocal artists, in Europe, in the United States, and now in India. Our best students have established themselves as successful soloists for the operas of Berlin, London, Paris and Sydney.

OperaLab provides a tailor-made training for professional or amateur singers. Teaching is available in several languages and endeavours to offer targeted, healthy and effective solutions. Junior teachers who are thoroughly trained by Gilles Denizot contribute in sharing the knowledge and are constantly supervised to ensure the highest quality for our students. The accuracy of the method has demonstrated its efficacy when applied to a wide array of vocal genres, from operatic singing to Bollywood hits, Hindustani or Carnatic ragas.

OperaLab Masterclasses and individual vocal training have been provided in Europe (Athens, Berlin, Brussels, Frankfurt, Geneva, Glasgow, London, Newcastle, Paris, Thessaloniki, York), in the United States (New York), in India (Mumbai main studio, Bangalore, Chennai, and Pune) in Tangier, Morocco, and now in Madrid, Spain, OperaLab’s main studio in Europe.